How to Make Homemade Dishwasher Detergent

We all know how expensive dishwasher detergent can be so here is a way to make you own dishwasher detergent with this simple recipe. What’s needed 1 Cup washing soda (crystals) 1 Cup of Borax Air Tight Container Here’s what you need to do Place all the ingredient for the detergent into a food processor […]

Free Weekly Menu Planner

This free weekly menu planner will help you to organize a weekly menu which can be used for helping to plan meals in advance for busy moms, help with your weight loss plan for the week ahead etc. The weekly menu planner it is excellent for helping you to budget for food more clearly and […]

How To Easily Make the Perfect Chooclate Sauce in 4 Easy Steps

This is a really simple recipe to make a chocolate sauce Chocolate Sauce Ingredients Chocolate Chips Whipping Cream Egg Yolk The Steps Melt chocolate chips and a little whipping cream together in your microwave or over a hot water bath. Add enough cream to thin the melted chocolate just enough to pour. Remove from the […]

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