Bath Salts How To

Making bath salts is quick, easy and simple and won’t take a lot of time out of your day. Surprisingly homemade bath salts are relatively inexpensive to make and require no harsh ingredients. In fact, the main ingredients in bath salts are Baking Soda, Table Salt and Epsom bath salts. These can all be found […]

Food Quotes My Top 40 Funniest

I have compiled my top food quotes for you to enjoy most of them are funny food quotes if you would like to share any food quotes here just add them in the comments below and I will add them. If you like quotes check out the top 50 famous thank you quotes, and love […]

Steam a Dress How to

Steaming a dress is very easy  in this tip  we show you how to  do it this is particularly useful  for those delicate dress which can’t really be ironed such as a wedding dress Steam  a dress what’s required Bath Hanger Steam a dress how to do it Run a bath tub of hot water […]

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