Easy Ways Remove the Smell of Cigarettes from Clothes

Remove the Smell of Cigarettes from Clothes Method 1 What’s required: Several Hours Hanger Clothes Line How to remove it 1. Hang the clothing out securely on hanger. 2. Place outdoors for several hours. Remove the Smell of Cigarettes from Clothes Method 2 What’s required: Bath White vinegar Hanger How to remove it 1. Run […]

6 Quick Ways to Remove Static Cling from Clothing

Here are 6 really easy ways to remove static cling from clothing If you’re wearing the clothes, wet your hands slightly and brush them over the surface of your clothing. When doing laundry, separate synthetic fabrics, especially nylon, from the natural fabrics when putting clothes into the dryer Do not over dry clothes in the […]

Interview Types Explained

There are many different types of interviews as we discuss below, you’ll see that not all interviews follow the same format. Here are some of the Interview types you may well come up against for that important job. Understanding the different will help you to appear calm and professional and give you a better chance […]

How to Get Scuff Marks off of Hardwood Floors

Scuff marks on hardwood floors can be unsightly it really easy to get rid of here is how:- What is need to remove scuff marks 1 Eraser What you need to do To remove the black scuff marks left by shoes off hard wood floors, just simply take an eraser and erase them from the […]

Help Wanted at Home Life Weekly

I am  looking for someone to help write and edit articles here on Home Life Weekly.   The type of  person I am looking for will need the following skills Enjoy writing about a wide range of subjects and sharing your knowledge relating to  home life. Are you enthusiastic passionate and caring? Can you write fluently […]

Lawn Care Tips

Below are a some simple lawn care tips to keep your lawn looking its best Trimming edges keeps the lawn looking neat and prevents it from spreading into borders. Use a long-handled edging shears or a rotary trimmer, after mowing, to trim any lawn that overhangs the edges Neaten lawn edges each spring using a […]

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