Free Desktop Calendar 2010 How to Make Your Own

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2010 calendar dodecahedron

Free Desktop Calendar 2011 NOW AVAILABLE

Free Desktop Calendar 2010 How to Make It

To make your free desktop calendar for 2010 is really easy and fun to make just download the design print it out and cut along the solid lines and score and fold along the dotted lines.

We have some more printable calendars if you need a different type.

2010 Free Desktop Calendar hints

  • Although normal paper will be fine 80 g/m², a more sturdy calendar can be made with a bit heavier paper 100-120 g/m².
  • Glue the tabs matching the untabbed face last (November)
  • Make sure you complete all the folding after cutting

Download your 2010 desktop calendar (pdf) or right click and save as to save the file to disk.

desktop calendar printable-2010 make it your self

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  2. Do you have one for 2011? Hope you have, many thankssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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