How To Remove Deodorant Stains

What’s required: 1. Sponge 2. Enzyme based Laundry Detergent 3. White Vinegar How to remove it These are quite easy to remove these white streaks from clothes. The key to this is to act as soon as possible if you can Sponge the area with white vinegar to loosen the deodorant Then soak overnight with […]

How to Wash a Base Ball Hat

What’s required: Two round plastic food strainers similar to the size to your base ball hat Plastic String or Cable ties Pre-treatment Spray (optional) Stain Removing Spray (optional) Laundry Detergent How to wash it Place a strainer open side down. Now put the hat onto the strainer as if it was wearing it. If the […]

5 Simple Breath Fresheners

Here are simple ways to freshen your breath • Chew fresh parsley to sweeten the breath. • Chew fennel seeds to freshen the breath. • Chew anise seeds to freshen the breath. • Chew a few peppermint or spearmint leaves or drink a cup of peppermint tea. • Add 1 drop of myrrh oil to […]

How to Stop Toothache without Opening Your Mouth

Here is a quick way to stop tooth ache with opening your mouth Just rub ice on the back of your hand, on the V-shaped webbed area between your thumb and index finger. This technique reduces toothache pain by as much as 50 percent compared with using no ice. The nerve pathways at the base […]

6 Ways to Save on your Credit Card

Have a Credit Card for Emergencies Try to save and put aside a rainy day fund for emergencies rather than relying on credit cards, if you need to use a credit card use one with a low interest rate. Rewards cards are not Rewarding as you think Typically the value of the reward is around […]

Alex of Home Life Weekly Gets Interviewed at Frugal Hacks

I was recently interviewed by Kim at Frugal Hacks here is how is what I had to say:- Why do you blog? I blog because the internet is a great sources of information and enjoyment, I thought it was time to give something back any way I could hence Home Life Weekly. Also I was […]

How to Make Homemade Rosemary-Mint Mouth wash

Ingredients:2 1/2 cups distilled or mineral water 1 tsp fresh mint leaves 1tsp rosemary leaves 1 tsp anise seeds Directions: Boil the water, add herbs and seeds, infuse for 20 minutes. Cool, strain and use as a gargle/mouth wash. If you wish to make up a larger quantity, double or triple the recipe then add […]

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