Poems about Self Worth

Here are a selection of poems I have written about self-worth. The poems talk about feeling unworthy or people not believing in your worth. Others talk about how to turn that around and be proud of yourself.

If you have a poem about self-worth you would like to share, feel free to leave it in comments and I will add it. I know that there are many other poems out there on the topic of self-worth.

Please share any other I have missed or can add to this page.

You can share stories too if you wish to share your feelings about self-worth.

The Canvas of Self worth Poem

My self worth is like painting a new canvas.
I am the artist, my life is a brush, and every experience and memory is a shade of paint.
Paint on a new dream, paint on a new life.
The colors and brushstrokes I create tell the story of my life.
It’s all because of my foundation, resilience and perseverance that I am able to paint such vivid images with ease.

I know my Self Worth

I know myself
I am an individual
Humble and classy,
I’m strong ,
I know my worth

Call On it!

Self-worth is something that every human being strives for.
It is in you,
you can call on it anytime.
It can go with you the longest,
when all else fails.
Uncertainty is part of life,
but it’s not what lives inside you.
Have hope.
Have self worth
Have hope.

Self-worth call on it when all seems lost.
It’s always there
To help you persevere.
It will never belong to anyone else,
except yourself.
You are the only one who can give it to yourself.

Believe in Yourself


Realize it or not,
self-worth is a part of your identity
There are times when it can be hard to cope with the daily grind.
Be confident in who you are
And never let anyone diminish your worth,
As people and things will come and go but your self-worth is for keeps.

Don’t take it to heart

Don’t take it to heart what people say
You are you
You are not them
So, stand proud
Because we are more than enough
Remember your worth
Love yourself first
And everything else starts to fall into place
So don’t be ashamed of who you are
Know why you’re here
Be proud of who you are
Believe in you
Because you are meant to be here.

take a bow

You are a thing of beauty
You are unique
You are the one
That makes this world worth living in.
Your love is a powerful force
Your words are true and pure
You have the power to make a difference in every single person’s life. You are precious, beautiful, and talented.
So stand tall and take a bow,
And ignore the people
Who try to bring you down.
You are amazing and incredible,


You deserve to be treated better than what others have dished out.
Because you bring light into every room you enter,
And every person’s life is better because of your presence.
Be Proud

For you have earned it.
You are the only you that could exist in this world, because you are a rare combination of traits and flaws that make you who you are.
So forget about those people who talk behind your back or even to your face.

You Have It (Self Worth)

Have Self Worth
Every ounce of your being is beautiful,
because every one deserves to feel valued and celebrated. No matter who you are, you deserve to feel like the most amazing person in the world.
And yes that is self worth


I am valuable
No matter what others say
No matter what’s happening in my life,
I am valuable.

Know your (self) worth

Know your worth.
You are not a ghost.
You are not a shadow.
You are not a spectre.
You did not disappoint me by the way you acted.
I know your worth, and that’s why I do what I do at all times.

Value yourself
Don’t live with regrets
Learn to love yourself
With every flaw and imperfection
You’re perfect just the way you are
No matter what they say or think of you.


Self worth is being who you are
Self worth is not worrying about what people think about you.
Self worth is living your life for yourself,
And if other people don’t like it, then oh well.

You Are

Being you is not only what you do, it’s how you feel.
You are a wonderful and beautiful person who deserves to be heard.
There is no other way to live life than the way that makes you happy and truly fulfilled in yourself.
The most important thing is that you have accepted who you are and don’t let others dictate how your life should be lived.
You deserve to be listened to because of your thoughts, feelings, dreams for yourself, hopes for the future, and all of the things that make up who you are as a person.


You have accepted who you are
Be confident who you are
and don’t let anyone push you around!
You are amazing in every way.
No one can ever tell you that you aren’t enough because you have something special inside of you.
You are lovable!
You deserve love .

My Being

Being yourself is a challenge
But knowing yourself is better
What you know is you and
that makes you special.

Be yourself,
Be true to yourself,
And have confidence in yourself.

Self-worth is knowing yourself
Your strength and weaknesses
Being proud of your self no matter what


If you think of self worth as your best friend
You’ll always be there to help yourself out and put an end to the madness. ​
​self worth is knowing who you are,
what’s important to you, what makes YOU happy.
It’s being kind to others, feeling good about your accomplishments
no matter how big or small they are,
and most importantly of all…..being proud of yourself for who you are.

The Diss

When you don’t take care of your own self worth,
you are doing yourself a disservice.


You need to know
you are worth more
than all the gold in the world.
You need to know
you are worth more
than all your mistakes, problems, and losses.

I hope my poems have inspired you today. Please leave a comment below or even add you our poems in the comment section so we can inspire others to be themselves.

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Written by Alex

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