Video:How to Clean Your Microwave 90 Seconds

How to get rid of food build-up in your microwave with out scrubbing? This easy method will save you time and effort.

How To Make Strawberry Jam Quickly

See how to make Strawberry Jam quickly the method below is really easy. Try it with different fruits.

How to Remove Chocolate Stains Video

Here is an novel way to remove chocolate stains You could also try the following Run very HOT water through the stain until it is almost gone. Then treat with detergent, rub the stain, and run more hot water through it. Remember never dab a chocolate stain with cold water.If you have any other tips […]

Video of How To Easily Make Banana Ice Cream

It really easy to make banana ice cream all you need is the following: Bananas it not a banana ice cream without it! Milk A Blender Freezer Things to Try Add the milk slowly to get the right thickness. Try different fruit instead of Bananas Add extra milk to make a smoothie Use a low […]

How To Easily Remove Red Wine Stains Video

Two extremely effective ways to remove red wine stains. All you will need is either milk or more wine, yes you read that right. Watch the video to see what you need to do.

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