How to Wash Sequin Dress

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sequins-ohhhbettyHow to wash a sequinned dress if it can be washed, check the label. If the dress it can be washed. Here’s how to keep them looking gorgeous

  • Make sure all the buttons are done up before washing
  • Make sure the zip is done up on the sequin dress
  • Turn the dress inside out before washing
  • If the dress is machine washable use just the gentle cycle for around 2 or 3 minutes with a mild detergent and cold water
  • If the sequin dress is hand washable, use some mild laundry soap or a little shampoo and col water.
  • For a knitted sequinned garment add a litter hair conditioner in the final rinse
  • Never dry the dress in a dryer and always hang to dry or lay flat.

To freshen up a sequin dress just spritz lightly with undiluted vodka around the neck, cuffs and arms.

How to remove spills from a sequin dress use a little bit of soda water or Dylon Stain Remover 3. Sparingly moisten then use a hair dryer to dry the spot to stop moisture ring

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