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Below are 10 easy ways to save on gas which could save you $1,236 per year, they are really simple thing which are easy to to do.

  1. Save on Gas by driving 70 and not 80 when on the highway it wont add much to your commute but it will save you up to 4 miles per gallon
  2. Save on Gas by using cruise control to keep a steady speed which is much more efficient than speeding up and slowing down over and over again.
  3. Save on Gas by rolling up the windows on the highway you will save gas as the cars interior act like a parachute to slow the car down
  4. Save on Gas by not carrying junk in your trunk remember for every 100 pounds of weight you can lose up to 2% in fuel economy
  5. Save on Gas by ensuring your tires are the correct pressure for example a tire which is 10 pounds under pressure can reduce you fuel economy by over 3%
  6. Save on Gas by driving smoothly and not accelerating fast.
  7. Save Gas by not going into the drive though and turning the engine off and walking in and ordering you food, its usually quicker as well. For example Idling for 15 minutes burns through an average of a quarter of a gallon.
  8. Save gas by removing the roof ornaments and minimizing the use of roof racks. On a highway up to a third of your fuel is used to overcome wind resistance, so even small changes to your vehicle’s aerodynamics will have a big impact on the amount of gas used.
  9. Save gas by keeping your car well maintained, a badly maintained car with bad driving habits, can lose 50% of MPG.
  10. Save gas by combining journeys where possible as the warm engine is up to 50%percent more efficient than a cold engine.

By following these simple simple tips you could save on gas by over $1,236 here are figures below one person driving like a crazy horse and the other driving using the tips above using identical car.

save on gas

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