How To Remove Mustard Stains

To remove mustard stain from clothing do the following Remove as much of the mustard sauce straight away from clothing if wet blot the stain with paper towel. If the mustard stain is dried on the clothing remove with butter knife carefully lifting off the mustard off. Be sure not to scrap otherwise you may […]

Home Life Carnival

As of today I have decided to  start running the Home Life Carnival which will be held every month, submissions will be the last Sunday of each month and it will cover money saving  tips from a frugal  prospective.  So I hope you enjoy it

Printable Birthday Invitations

To make a printable birthday invitations are really easy to make all you need to do is download the free birthday invitation design which you like then print and fold. Hints for making your perfect Free printable Birthday Invitations Download a design for your free Birthday Invitations Card from the card designs from below. You […]

How to Make Your Own Free Printable Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations can be very expensive so I have put together some cheap unique free printable wedding invitations. Which allow you fully customize the wedding invitation wording in side. To make your free Wedding Printable Invitation do the following:- Choose a Wedding invitation design and download the PDF and associated word document Print the first […]

10 Easy Ways to Clean Clothes While Travelling

Here are some top tips to help you keep on the move while away from the home 1. Get your clothes professional laundered, however costs varies. 2. Keep your body clean with showers, antiperspirant and powder, and your clothes will stay cleaner on the inside. 3. Pick clothes for your trip that are easy to […]

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