How to Make Your Own Free Printable Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations can be very expensive so I have put together some cheap unique free printable wedding invitations. Which allow you fully customize the wedding invitation wording in side.

To make your free Wedding Printable Invitation do the following:-

  1. Choose a Wedding invitation design and download the PDF and associated word document
  2. Print the first page wedding invitation PDF
  3. Turn the paper over and feed it back through the printer, print the back side of the wedding invitation.
  4. Open the word document you will see an example of a wedding invitation wording. change the wording to what you want to make it unique. You may need to change the size of the fonts
  5. One your are happy with the invitation wording, print it on the other side of the free wedding invitation.
  6. You now have a printed wedding invitation.

Hints for making your Free Printable Wedding Invitations

  • To make good printed wedding invitations choose a thicker paper but check your printer is able to cope with the thickness of the paper at the very least 100 g/m² upwards.
  • Try different color and textured paper for you wedding invitations.
  • Don’t forget to buy an envelope to match the size of the wedding invitation.
  • Do at least one test print with normal paper to ensure the invitation printed correctly!
  • If you find the paper curls use the single sheet feed option on your printer.
  • Print the wedding invitations in batches e.g all page one first etc.
  • You will most likely have Acrobat PDF Reader already installed on your machine, if not to view these Birthday cards and many other pdfs on the Internet you can download it here.

Choose Your Free Printable Wedding Invitation Design

Formal Wedding Invitation
Front of Wedding Invitation


Inside of Wedding In vitiation


Download Formal Wedding invitation (pdf)
Download Formal Wedding invitation (doc)


Floral Wedding Invitation


Front of Floral Wedding In vitiation

Floral wedding inivitation test

Inside of Floral Wedding In vitiation

Download Floral Wedding invitation (pdf)
Download Floral Wedding invitation (doc)


Cake Topper Wedding Invitation

wedding inivtation cake topper
Front of Wedding In vitiation

Inside of Wedding In vitiation

Download Cake Topper Wedding invitation (pdf)
Download Cake Topper Wedding invitation (doc)


Heart Wedding Invitation

Front of Heart Wedding In vitiation


inside heart wedding-invitation

Inside of Heart Wedding In vitiation

Download Heart Wedding invitation (pdf)
Download Heart Wedding invitation (doc)


Formal Swirl Wedding Invitation


Front of Wedding In vitiation


Inside of Formal Swirl Wedding In vitiation

Download Formal Swirl Wedding invitation (pdf)
Download Formal Swirl Wedding invitation (doc)


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