How to Soothe Puffy, Swollen, Tired, Blood Shot, Hot Eyes. And Lighten Dark Circles Under Them

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Everything you need to konw to care for your eyes

The best overall eye tonic is eyebright (an herb). Make a tea of it and either use the teabags or soak cotton balls or soft gauze in the tea and apply to eyes as a compress while lying down.

For puffy and swollen eyes, make a wet compress of 4 Tbsp. freshly grated raw potato. Place on the eyes for about 15 minutes, then rinse with cold water.

To reduce swelling and for bags under the eyes , brew a cup of strong rose hip tea. Soak 2 cotton balls in the tea or use 2 tea bags, lie down and place over the eyes.

For dark circles, cut a fresh fig in half, place a half over each eye.

To soothe tired, irritated eyes, cut the end of a cumber into 1/4 in thick slices. Apply a cool slice to each eye.

To ease sore eyes, heat and redness. Raw potato slices laid on sore eyes reduces heat and redness.

For eye puffiness, any tea bag (herbal is better, especially eye bright), slightly cooled, placed on the eyes while you rest.

For tired or blood shot eyes, soak sterile cotton balls or soft cloth in cold skim milk. Place over eyes for 10 minutes. Rinse entire face in warm,then cool, water.

To lighten dark circles under your eyes, wrap a grated raw potato in cheesecloth and apply to eyelids for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

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