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How to Bid to Win on Ebay and Save a Fortune

Swipe it With a Snipe
I don’t know if I should tell you this but I use service called Hammersnipe. What this gives you is the ability to bid automatically at the closing stages of an auction. I’m talking biding the last 10 seconds of an auction or up to 3 seconds before the item ends if you buy a subscription package. All you need to do is set your maximum bid and this service will do the rest. You get 3 free auto bids per week which you can upgrade at a small fee. Plus you don’t need to be online to place the bids. Very Highly recommended saved a lot of money using this.

Put in an Early Bid
Stop the auction from Ending Early which usually translates as a bargain for you and a loss for the seller. To achieve this always put in a silly low the minimum bid just so it makes it more difficult for the item to be taken off ebay if the seller changes their mind. Don’t worry if you are out bid all it does is stops the seller from canceling the item. Then use hammersnipe to do the rest 😉

Look Across Waters
Be aware of currency differences when bidding abroad for example UK buyers can pick up a bargain from the states at the moment due to the strong pound. However be aware of postage.

Do your Background Work
Before bidding on an item look through Ebay using the advanced search for past bids to see how much the item you are looking for has gone for.

Bid for Multiple Items
Sometimes sellers post a number of the same items on ebay with a very short gaps between ending times. What usually happens is the first item goes at highest price then subsequent items go at a lower price. To check if a seller has multiple items check what other items they are selling. Once again use the bidding group function in hammersnipe which allow you to bid for the same item on multiple auctions until you win an auction.

Bidding Amounts
Never set you maximum bid amount to rounded numbers for example 6.00 try something like 6.21.

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