How to Make Hair Color Last Longer

Coloring your hair takes time and effort. Professional hair coloring can also be quite expensive. The process can be especially drying and damaging in certain situations. These are the main reasons for taking some small steps to make your hair color last longer and keep it looking fresh and new while maintaining strong healthy hair. […]

Bath Salts How To

Making bath salts is quick, easy and simple and won’t take a lot of time out of your day. Surprisingly homemade bath salts are relatively inexpensive to make and require no harsh ingredients. In fact, the main ingredients in bath salts are Baking Soda, Table Salt and Epsom bath salts. These can all be found […]

How to Shape Eyebrows

The first step to pluck your eyebrows is to ensure your skin is clean before you begin. To numb the pain rub an ice cube over you eyebrow area for a minute or so before you begin. Ensure the tweezers are also clean for a better arch. Be very careful when tweezing as it is […]

How to Wax Lips

As women know upper hair above the lip can be a bit of a problem, although there are a number products on the market, waxing your lips is the most effective way to to remove upper lip hair . When choosing a lip wax choose a one without retinoid as this will make the skin […]

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