Lawn Care Tips

Below are a some simple lawn care tips to keep your lawn looking its best Trimming edges keeps the lawn looking neat and prevents it from spreading into borders. Use a long-handled edging shears or a rotary trimmer, after mowing, to trim any lawn that overhangs the edges Neaten lawn edges each spring using a […]

Mulch Types Explained Advantages and Disadvantages

If you’re one who says mulch is just mulch, no matter what type of mulch you lay on the ground. There are many different types With the proliferation of mulch choices on the market, consider these facts about organic and inorganic products before you buy. Organic Mulches Cypress Mulch Advantages: Attractive-looking, inexpensive and long-lasting. Chips […]

Types of Mulch

Mulching provides massive benefits to your garden but you do need to investigate which type of mulch material you and your garden require. Mulch Explained Mulch is a layer of material, organic or inorganic, that is laid over your planted beds and not dug in. The main benefit of mulching your garden is suppression of […]

How to Make a Plant Pot from Tins

Bring a green into your home, just use a tin add the soil, plant or seeds to make a nice looking plant pot. Mix and match different size pots for great effect in groups. Or grow herbs in these tin plant pots and put them on the window ledge. These are so simple but effective. […]

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