How to Make a Plant Pot from Tins

Bring a green into your home, just use a tin add the soil, plant or seeds to make a nice looking plant pot. Mix and match different size pots for great effect in groups. Or grow herbs in these tin plant pots and put them on the window ledge. These are so simple but effective.


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Written by Alex


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  1. Recycle Top Tip! ********
    I make tuna pasta salad from great big tins of tuna for every party, they look great on your picture can’t wait for the next party to get creative with a herb garden. Any excuse to recycle and eat gourmet at the same time I will tell you how it grows ,
    From a recycle fan

  2. Don’t forget to put holes in the bottom of the tins for drainage and place the tin inside a small dish to catch excess water, especially important for larger plants.

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