6 Ways to Save on your Credit Card

Have a Credit Card for Emergencies Try to save and put aside a rainy day fund for emergencies rather than relying on credit cards, if you need to use a credit card use one with a low interest rate. Rewards cards are not Rewarding as you think Typically the value of the reward is around […]

How to Bid to Win on Ebay and Save a Fortune

Swipe it With a Snipe I don’t know if I should tell you this but I use service called Hammersnipe. What this gives you is the ability to bid automatically at the closing stages of an auction. I’m talking biding the last 10 seconds of an auction or up to 3 seconds before the item […]

How to Save at the Super Market

Use the follwing to keep more money in your pocket at the supermarket Make a list and only buy what’s on it. You’ll find you shop quicker and are less tempted to spend money on things you hadn’t planned to buy. Take a calculator with you to the supermarket, or use the one on your […]

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