10 Easy Ways to Clean Clothes While Travelling

Here are some top tips to help you keep on the move while away from the home 1. Get your clothes professional laundered, however costs varies. 2. Keep your body clean with showers, antiperspirant and powder, and your clothes will stay cleaner on the inside. 3. Pick clothes for your trip that are easy to […]

Travel Tips For Packing Luggage Top 15

Here are the top  travel tips for packing luggage listed below.  If you know any other travel  tips for packing luggage please share them below. It’s difficult to generalise about baggage allowances, as they vary with the airline, route and class (they’re also constantly under review). Hand luggage is usually restricted to one item measuring […]

How To Buy Cheap Airline Tickets

Before you purchase your airline ticket try these simple tips to bag yourself a cheap airline ticket Where you fly from Always compare cheap airlines tickets with major airline companies that fly to your destination. If you are prepared to do a little extra traveling, the cheapest air fares are not always from the airport […]

21 Easy Ways to Save Car Fuel Part 1

With the rising price of gas here are some tips to reduce you fuel costs, all what needed is for you to try them out so you can see for yourself. Here goes:- 1.Pump up your tyres and keep at the correct pressure. Under inflated tyres can use up to an extra 7% fuel. 2.Check […]

How to Keep Germs Away in a Hotel Room

We’ve all cringed at news reports showing microbes growing in hotel room carpeting, furniture, or even bed linens. Problems have been found in pricey hotels and cheap ones. How can you be safe from germs in a hotel room? A few simple steps can help you to sleep without worry Tuck a trial-sized package of […]

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