How to Make Your Own Free Printable Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations can be very expensive so I have put together some cheap unique free printable wedding invitations. Which allow you fully customize the wedding invitation wording in side. To make your free Wedding Printable Invitation do the following:- Choose a Wedding invitation design and download the PDF and associated word document Print the first […]

How to Plan a Wedding

The first thing that needs to be considered when planning a wedding is how much time you will give yourself for the planning. In essence; this means what day that you will set the date of the wedding. This may sound like a trivial matter, but it really is important because it will let you […]

Wedding Vows

Listed below are a great set of free wedding vows for you to use, which show commitment to each other on that special day. Here is a selection of pre written vows which cover traditional, modern, and of course romantic vows to get you started. Traditional Wedding Vows Samples Traditional Wedding Vows Sample No 1 […]

How To Create a Wedding Budget

Perhaps the most important thing that must be done when you are ready to begin planning your wedding is to first create your wedding budget. Your budget is important because it is almost impossible to know what you can afford for each aspect of the wedding if you don’t give yourself a limit to the […]

Wedding Budget Planner and Calculator Spread Sheet

Are you planning a wedding on a budget? Then this printable wedding budget spread sheet will help you keep a close eye on the costs of your wedding. This wedding budget spreadsheet will help you calculate the costs involved. It is itemized to make sure you don’t forget anything on your special wedding day. You […]

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