How to Clean the House Faster and Make More You Time

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Cleaning is one of those chores that we all have to do, but few people really enjoy. Here are a few tips to make this easier, faster, and less painful well nearly.

Take advantage of small pieces of time. Straightening or cleaning the counter while waiting on the microwave to ding. Unload the dishwasher while talking on the phone or making a pot of coffee. Set a timer and try to beat your best time. I can unload my dishwasher in 2 minutes, which makes me less likely to put off this easy chore, that usually needs done daily.

Take advantage of television time. You can accomplish a lot in five minute commercial breaks. You can also accomplish a lot of laundry sorting or folding during a show.

Tackle the worst tasks first.

Start in the room that needs the most help. You will feel like you have accomplished something.

Leave each room in better shape than you found it. Do this and the house will stay clean for longer.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, or hire help when needed. Remember its ok, feel free to pay someone else to handle cleaning for you.

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