How to Increase Your Self Confidence

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To increase your self confidence focus on what you’re good at, admit your weaknesses, and let yourself be yourself in each situation. For example I’m excellent at breathing and keeping my body alive, but brain surgery and quantum physics I am not too hot on that.

The only way to build and increase your self confidence is to do things. For example making presentations at work, striking up a conversation with a stranger, sharing your opinion in a pubic forum – the more you step up to the plate (as it were), the easier it gets every time. Sometimes you fumble and even fail but that part of living and experience. The more you do it the more you will perfect it. Yes it like riding a bike!!!

Be firm and self-assured, honest about who you are, and open about your thoughts and opinions and be true to yourself. Remember how you perceive yourself is how you want people to treat you. That is the key.

Be sure of yourself.


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4 Responses to “How to Increase Your Self Confidence”

  1. The doing of things is the wonderful tool indeed. It helps to retain the smile and to exchange the mourning for self-confidence.
    Thank you for the post. Have a look at the works of art therapy club of the hospital for the mentally ill.
    Thank you.

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  3. […] How to Increase Your Self Confidence posted at Home Life […]

  4. You’re right, “doing” things will always be the sole solution to self-confidence, as it takes a dose of action to overcome your fears and see what you’re truly capable of.

    Granted, it’s not always that easy on the outside, but I think as we get wiser we realize, “what do I have to lose?” In reality, it’s never about what we have to lose, but what we have to GAIN that gets us places.

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