Buying Ready Made Curtains Guide

When you have decided on the type of ready made curtains to use for your home, the only thing left to do is to find the pair that you like online and order them. It is easy to buy ready made curtains online, but you will need to know how to measure for ready made curtains correctly to get the right size. Just use this buying ready made curtains guide to help you get your measurements right.

How to measure for ready made curtains

To start with, it is recommended that you use a metal ruler for the best measurement accuracy. Depending on which style of ready made curtains you have decided to go with, the measurements may be slightly different. If you are going to use a pole with finials on it, it is recommended that you install the pole prior to measuring. If you are going to want to pull the curtains open completely during the day, it is recommended that you install the pole at least 12-15 cm out from the side edge of the window. Also remember to install it at least 15cm above the top ledge of the window to keep out any light.

You will measure the width by measuring the width of the pole. Do not include the finials in the measurements, only the portion of the pole where the curtains will hang. For tracks, measure the exact width of the track as it is installed. In the event that the track is an overlapping one, measure for the overlap as well.

How measure the drop of curtains

Next it is time to measure the drop for the ready made curtains. To do this with a pole, you will measure from the top of the pole down to the length you want the curtains to hang. If you only want them to come just below the window, measure that way. In the event that you want the curtains to go to the floor, measure to 1cm above the floor. If the curtains are going to be on rings or tabs, you need to take the drop from the bottom of the rings, or the tops of the tabs. For tracks, measure from the top of the track to the desired length as well.

curtain drop


Curtain Width Rules

Now that you have your ready made curtains measurements, you will need to decide on the look you will like for your curtains to have. The standard widths that curtains come in are 168cm and 228cm. Curtain poles come in a few widths. One is 150cm and the other is 210cm. You can use the same curtain width on both size poles but it will look differently on each. On the 150cm pole the ready made curtains will bunch nicely and have room to spread out. On the 210cm curtain pole they will stretch all the way out and not bunch very much at all. There is a popular rule of thumb in the design industry, it is that the curtains width should be one and on half time the width of the pole so it with gather nicely.

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Ready Made Curtains Too Long

In the event that you cannot find ready made curtains that are the right length for your windows, you can buy the next length down and have them hemmed to fit your window. These measurements can apply to pencil pleats, tab top, and eyelet ready made curtains.

When you are looking to buy ready made curtains online, it doesn’t have to be a difficult task now that you know how to measure for ready made curtains. There are so many wonderful ready made curtains online that your only problem will be to decide on which ones to buy.

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