How to Remove Static From a Dress

red dress Kris KrugWhen getting all dressed up and you begin to put on that favorite dress you have and the moment you realize there is static, you want to just scream! The dress does not have to have static and it does not have to be very difficult to fix.

What Causes Static on Dress

Understanding how to remove static from dress will be the first step. When the air is dry and two different cloths touch each other they produce electronic charges. We all know that opposites attract so when the two different cloths touch they like to stick to each other because they have two different electronic charges. When these two clothes stick to each other they produce the static that you find in your dresses.

Remove Static From Dress

The best way to remove the static from the dress is to place a dryer sheet into the dryer while drying your clothes. The dryer sheets have a tacky texture that will heat up in the dryer and will prevent the clothes from clinging together or clinging to you. Dryer sheets are the best option to use to remove static electricity from dress.

A few other tips on how to remove static is to buy a can of static guard. This can come in a few different sizes and can be easily sprayed on when you get that mid day mid day static cling. Another real inexpensive way to remove static electricity from dress is to lightly wet your hands, and moving your hands over your dress, this will desensitize your dress and get rid of the static.

Remove Static From Silk Dress

Would you have ever guessed that you can remove static from silk dress by simply putting baby powder on your skin? Yes, it does work and works very well, especially if you’re in the dry warm summer air. If you do not have access to a dryer but have dryer sheets with you, simply rub the dyer sheet on your silk dress and this will get rid of the static as well.

We all want to be able to wear that beautiful dress and look gorgeous, but static can ruin all that in an instant. However, it does not have to any more. There are so many easy tricks to the trade that will allow you to wear that dress with out static and feel secure in what you’re wearing.

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