Pregnancy Bras

Pregnancy Bras commonly known as Maternity bras are designed for the period of pregnancy whilst Nursing bras are designed for the period after pregnancy, particularly for breast feeding. You’ll probably need to buy several different size pregnancy bras and nursing bras sizes during and after pregnancy as numerous body changes take place.

Top 5 Highest Rated Pregnancy & Nursing Bras List at Amazon

So I put together a list of the top 5 highest rated pregnancy bras and nursing bras and below the list of bras some buying advice to help you make the right choice

During pregnancy the rib cage expands and the uterus will begin to push upwards resulting in a woman’s rib cage measurements increasing by 2 to 4 inches. Once the baby is born, hormone levels change and the rib cage begins to shrink and return to its normal size. But now milk production begins and so now it’s the breasts that take on a whole new size. It’s common to go up a bra cup size or two and even more, especially if it’s a woman’s first baby.

This means that the nursing bra purchased during pregnancy is unlikely to fit your rib cage or cup size one the baby is born. Most bras will also be so stretched out by this time that they will no longer provide the support you need. Most pregnancy bras (maternity) and nursing bras tend to have a 3-4 month life spans.

So if you find the perfect fit in a nursing bra during pregnancy, remember that it’s unlikely to provide the best support when the baby arrives because of the change in rib cage, breast size, and the natural stretching of the bra during wearing.

In general look for a pregnancy bras and nursing bra which are smooth and comfortable bra fabric that breathes. Some bras may trap moisture against your skin and this can go on to irritate your skin. It’s also a good idea to make sure that any decorative detail such as lacy trim, doesn’t scratch or irritate you.

Pregnancy Bras What to Look For

When pregnancy stage, the following features of maternity bras are important:

  • Larger breast coverage to provide better support in the bra
  • Look for a pregnancy bra which has more back hooks to allow for bra adjustment with a changing rib cage size

After Pregnancy Bras you will need a Nursing Bra

  • After giving birth, the following features of nursing bras are important:
  • More breast coverage to provide better support
  • More back hooks to allow for adjustment with changing rib cage size
  • Special openings in the nursing bra that allow for convenient nursing access
  • Various styles – centre opening, pull-to-the-side, and top hooking
  • Quick and easy access to the breast. Look for a bra that allows the cup to be opened with one hand can be helpful when you’re holding your baby and preparing to breast-feed.

After weaning, breasts normally return to a smaller size, but usually larger than before the first pregnancy.

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