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You may be feeling stressed out by the hectic pace of life, or fighting with your spouse. You’re probably scrolling through Facebook, trying to find a picture that will make you feel better but in reality, it just makes you feel worse.

You can’t live with stress, and you can’t live without it. But you can learn to manage it, rather than letting it manage you. Calm, relaxed people have thought patterns that are balanced logically and emotionally in a way that anxious people don’t. Here are some quotes that will help you to keep things in perspective. The following is a collection of stress relieving quotes for women and men alike. We hope these quotes on stress relief will bring some peace into your life!

“If you stress about it, it’s going to get worse.”

“Don’t spend your life worrying about the future. You can’t predict it.”

“Being stressed is a choice. You can’t avoid it altogether, but you don’t have to be a victim to it.”

stress quote tell stress to and get lost

“You can shutdown stress by doing nothing, absolutely nothing. I know you can’t believe that but it’s true. When you do not want to think about something, your mind takes a break. When the break is over, you continue with your life.”

“Alway put stress into perspective. It’s never worth it.”

“Don’t let your stress take you over. Let a smile on your face be your stressbuster.”

“You cannot stress over something which has not happened yet.”

“Don’t let stress bring you down.”

“Stress is something you knew existed but never bothered to understand fully.”

“Stress is part of the game. If you let it, it controls you. But if you keep things in perspective and trust the process, your stress will disappear.”

“Stress is just a tunnel you are driving through.”

“Stress is like water it will flow away”

Stress quote be still  and know that stress is only a moment

“Stress is like a thorn in your finger. You feel it with every step you take, but if you stop and pull it out, the pain quickly goes away.”

“Don’t let stress control your life. If you don’t let it control you, then it can’t hurt you.”

“Don’t stress about life; if you do, it will stress you out.”

“Don’t be stressed; do whatever makes you happy and forget about the rest.”

“Tell stress to go and get lost.”

“Stress is only a problem if you think it is.”

“Don’t stress about small things, don’t cry over spilled milk. Don’t complain about what you haven’t got. Be happy with what you do have.”

“Remove stress by not thinking about it. If you can’t do this, just think about it and have peace of mind.”

“Learn to see stress as something that comes up from inside of you. Then, you will be able to remove it.”

“Don’t worry about being stressed.”

“Don’t let stress distract you.”

“Stress is not bad for you. It’s a messenger from your subconscious.”

“Put stress into perspective by thinking about it as time in which you could really be doing something else.”

“To beat stress, find a way to keep your mind as busy as it can possibly be and forget about the problem.”

“The more you worry about something, the more control over it you’ll have.”

“To beat stress, you should just relax.”

“Stress is all in your head. To get rid of it, you need to keep calm.”

“In times of stress do the following : 1. Take a deep breath 2. Function as if your life depended on it 3. If you are not sure about this step, just do them both.”

“If you let it, stress will control your life.”

“Stress, don’t worry about it; when you get older, you’ll look back and laugh.”

“Feeling stressed? Don’t take it personally.”

“Don’t stress out about stress. You’ll just have to stress about the stress.”

Stress relief quote

“Concentrate on the cause rather not the stress.”

“Don’t worry about your stress. Only control it.”

“Stress will lead to problems. Keep focus on the cause and the pain will lessen.”

“Some stress is good for you, if not overworked, it keeps you alive and active.”

“Give stress its head but don’t let it run the show.”

“Stress is just a moment. It cannot kill you, you cannot destroy it, no matter how much you worry or fret over it.”

“Don’t give in to stress. If you do, it will control your life.”

“Don’t worry about the small stuff. Worry about the big things if you want to keep stress in perspective.”

“Have faith in your ability to eliminate stress.”

“If stress is going to lead you down the wrong path, then try to fix it. If you can’t, just find a way out of it.”

“Be still and know that stress is only a moment.”

“If you let it, stress will control your life. But if you fight it and win, it will control itself.”

Stress relief quote don't let your stress take you over

“Don’t worry about being stressed; just worry about doing your best at the task at hand.”

“Be yourself and don’t be stressed. Don’t let others stress you out.”

“When you are stressed, try to stop and think about how much worse things could be.”

“Don’t panic if there is stress in your life.”

“Stress only lives in the mind.”

“Stress will never hurt you but overworking your stress can.”

“Don’t worry about your stress. Just deal with the problem and not the stress.”

“Worrying and stressing never solved any problem, so just stop doing that.”

“Feeling stressed? Don’t take it personally. Don’t let it get to you.”

“Stressing about stress is useless. Stop it.”

“If you let it, stress will control your life. If you push back against it, you can control the outcome.”

“Stop stressing about stress. It’s not worth it!”

“Worrying about stress is like a head cold: It’s not that big of a deal.”

“Stress is like a cold: It makes you sick for a while but doesn’t kill you.”

“The more you stress about stress, the more your body will get used to it, and the bigger it will get.”

“Stress is not a problem; overworking is. Look beyond the cause”

“Ignore stress it’s just a nuisance.”

“Stress is like a bad cold; It clears up after a few days.”

“Stress is only real in your mind.”

“Sometimes, you’ll need to work a little harder than usual to fight off stress.”

“Stress relief is a good feeling.”

“Stress relief is the difference between being alive and dead.”

“If you don’t realize you are stressed, then you are probably not too stressed.”

“Don’t worry about stress. Just live out your life to the fullest.”

I hope the some of the quotes on stress relief have inspired you to help you in this tough world and only you have to keep the balance. If you have a quote about stress relief, you would like to add it to the comments below and share it with the world.

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