10 Protection Crystals

This article will discuss ten protection crystals that you can use in order to protect yourself, your home, and your loved ones. By using these crystals we can uplift our vibration and create a better future.

Protecting yourself with crystals is easy and effective, but first you need to know a few things about how they work. Crystals have a memory of a frequency, and no matter how much it is used, that frequency always remains inside the crystal. Crystals do not have any karma attached to them, so they are neutral. However, they do have an energy vibration attached to them. Crystals will work on any negative energy that is directed at the crystal, and they will reflect it back to the source.
Always keep your crystals charged up. You can charge your crystals by placing them in direct sunlight for an hour or place them under a full moon for an hour. Your crystals should be charged every two weeks. The best time of the day to charge your crystals is during sunrise or sunset hours.

The following crystals listed below can be used for protection. So, lets get started.

Black Tourmaline

You can use Black Tourmaline as a protection Crystal. It’s the most powerful protection Crystal that helps you to see evil and protect yourself from psychic attacks. It is said to be able to dispel negative energy from your home or place of work. This crystal also helps you stay calm in upsetting situations. If you are weak or someone is using your weaknesses against you then wearing Black Tourmaline on a regular basis may help you overcome this. You can use this as a protection stone and to dispel negative energy from your home or place of work.

Black Tourmaline for Protection

Black Tourmaline helps to keep negative energies away from us, when we are surrounded by negative energies, we can become fearful and distraught unless these are dispersed.


Moonstone as a protection crystal is great for those who have sensitive and vulnerable Moon signs. Moonstone can help to calm your mind and relieve the negative feelings that may cause fear or nervousness. This crystal carries a strong vibration and energy that can help to boost our own confidence and make us feel safe. Always be sure to cleanse your Moonstone regularly and for best results cleanse it in the light of the full moon.

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian is very useful for protection . It is excellent for releasing negativity, particularly harmful energy that is being directed at you or your property. It is especially good for dealing with negative spells or curses cast on one’s property. Black Obsidian can also protect you from poisonous energy and negative energies that are emitted from a person or place.


Using Aventurine also known as the “Jewel of the Sea” has strong protective qualities and the stone helps to calm fears and anxieties, tranquillise anger and help to dispel depression. For added protection use Aventurine together with Lepidolite and Turquoise.


Labradorite protective qualities include defending against negative forces, shielding, and absorbing negativity. This stone is also said to deflect unwanted energies from coming into your personal space. Simply place the stone on your altar, or in any area of your home where you feel negativity is trying to enter. This crystal can also be used to cleanse negative energy from a property.


Labradorite is commonly used as a protection crystal but if you are unsure of which crystal to choose then use Labradorite in combination with other protection stones such as Black Tourmaline, Red Jasper and Tiger’s Eye.


Malachite is a protective stone, used to protect against illness, accidents and other issues that may cause mental stress. It’s also used to improve sleep, emotional stability and help overcome depression. This crystal can protect you from negative energy and is known as one of the most protective stones of all.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli helps in cleansing unwanted energy from the home or work place it also stabilises moods as well as calming nervousness. To use this stone to its full potential it’s recommended to cleanse your Lapis Lazuli regularly in the light of the full moon.

Green Onyx

Green Onyx protects you from psychic attack, negative energies and negative energy given off by another person or a place. Green Onyx can also help to calm and focus while on a journey. It can protect you from malevolent entities and it is believed that this crystal is particularly protective for women as they are more prone to being affected by spells cast by others.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper is a very protective stone, it helps to repel any negativity and prevent one from becoming the victim of bad luck. This gemstone has been used to ward off evil and negativity for centuries and is thought to be one of the most effective stones for protection. It’s a good idea to always keep a piece of Red Jasper with you as it can absorb negative energies that may be directed towards you or your family.


Rhodochrosite is an excellent protection crystal, this gemstone helps to bring order and balance to the emotional as well as the physical body. Rhodochrosite is particularly protective during travels and can help you to stay focused on your goals


Rhodonite helps to bring order and balance to our lives. It seems to protect against psychic attacks, block the flow of negative energy or electro-magnetic radiation (EMR), as well as ground us and alleviate depression.

The crystals and stones mentioned in this article are a great way to protect yourself from negative energies and to empower yourself. Many of these can be found at your local metaphysical store or online. Experiment with the different types of stones to see what gemstones resonate with you.

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