How to Make Your Own Free Printable Birthday Cards

To make your free printable Birthday cards download the design of you choice from below then print and fold, it as easy as that. Hints for making your Free Printable Birthday Cards Download your free birthday cards from below. To make good printable birthday cards choose a more sturdy card but check your printer is […]

How to Remove Sweat Stains from Clothes Easily

Here is how to remove sweat stains out that just wont go. What’s required to remove sweat stains Enzyme based pre soak Sponge Ammonia White Vinegar Salt How to do it 1. Pre-treat new sweat stains with a enzyme pre-soak product before laundering as usual. Make sure fabric is not linen, silk, or wool. These […]

How to Use Your Dryer Effectively

Remove delicates (such as bras and certain sweaters) to air dry on a clothing rack or hanger. Dry clothes of similar weights to avoid over drying. Check tags of clothing to make sure they can be dried in a dryer. Add an anti-static sheet, in the dryer to stop static cling. Remove lint from the […]

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