How to Use Your Dryer Effectively

  1. washer tumble dryerRemove delicates (such as bras and certain sweaters) to air dry on a clothing rack or hanger.
  2. Dry clothes of similar weights to avoid over drying.
  3. Check tags of clothing to make sure they can be dried in a dryer.
  4. Add an anti-static sheet, in the dryer to stop static cling.
  5. Remove lint from the dryer’s lint tray.
  6. Select the correct drying temperature for your laundry load: low for delicates, medium for most fabrics and high for cotton. When in doubt, low or medium is the safest bet.
  7. Do not overload the dryer. As this uses more energy and takes longer to dry, plus it does no good for your dryer.
  8. Once the clothes are completely dry, remove them from the dryer or drying rack and fold your clean laundry.

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