How to Remove Static From a Dress

When getting all dressed up and you begin to put on that favorite dress you have and the moment you realize there is static, you want to just scream! The dress does not have to have static and it does not have to be very difficult to fix. What Causes Static on Dress Understanding how […]

How to Wash Sequin Dress

How to wash a sequinned dress if it can be washed, check the label. If the dress it can be washed. Here’s how to keep them looking gorgeous Make sure all the buttons are done up before washing Make sure the zip is done up on the sequin dress Turn the dress inside out before […]

How to Get Static Out of Clothes

Static in clothes is annoying and bothersome. It makes your favorite clothes uncomfortable and it is a pain to deal with, especially when you are in a hurry. Knowing how to get static out of clothes can help to save you from the pain and annoyances of dealing with static in the first place. This […]

How to Remove Static from Trousers

Here are some really easy ways to show you how to remove static from trousers How to remove static from trousers with a Metal Hanger Its really simple if you are already wearing the trousers, stretch and straighten a metal hanger and reach up each trouser leg and brush down with the metal hanger to […]

How To Remove Mustard Stains

To remove mustard stain from clothing do the following Remove as much of the mustard sauce straight away from clothing if wet blot the stain with paper towel. If the mustard stain is dried on the clothing remove with butter knife carefully lifting off the mustard off. Be sure not to scrap otherwise you may […]

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