Block Facebook How To

Do you need to block facebook? Yes then here is a computer tip which is a quick and easy way to block facebook in 3 steps Block Face Book How To Step 1 Click Start, Then Run You should get a box that looks like this below, now type the following into the box to […]

How to Bid to Win on Ebay and Save a Fortune

Swipe it With a Snipe I don’t know if I should tell you this but I use service called Hammersnipe. What this gives you is the ability to bid automatically at the closing stages of an auction. I’m talking biding the last 10 seconds of an auction or up to 3 seconds before the item […]

Get Kaspersky Anti Virus for Free and Save $49.00

There is no need to be out of date with your antivirus, here is how to get Kaspersky powered software for free and save $49.00. I couldn’t believe it but AOL have joined with Kaspersky to provide antivirus for free. Here is the Kaspersky Anti-Virus screen shot:- And here is the AOL Active Shield Version: […]

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