Steam a Dress How to

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Steaming a dress is very easy  in this tip  we show you how to  do it this is particularly useful  for those delicate dress which can’t really be ironed such as a wedding dress

Steam  a dress what’s required

  • Bath Hanger

Steam a dress how to do it

  1. Run a bath tub of hot water to  create the stream for your dress.
  2. Hang the dress above the steam. Check that the fabric is not touching the floor or any surfaces that may transfer moisture during the steam process or wet the dress
  3. Now close the bathroom door and allow the dress to steam.
  4. Check every 5 minutes to  see if the dress is progressing.
  5. Now leave for 15 to 30 minutes.
  6. You should have one steamed dress which is crease free

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