How to Keep Germs Away in a Hotel Room

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CasesWe’ve all cringed at news reports showing microbes growing in hotel room carpeting, furniture, or even bed linens. Problems have been found in pricey hotels and cheap ones. How can you be safe from germs in a hotel room? A few simple steps can help you to sleep without worry

Tuck a trial-sized package of cleaning wipes (even baby wipes) into your toiletry kit. Use these to clean anything another person may have touched: doorknobs, light switches, the telephone, and the TV remote control.

Pack a small tube of antibacterial hand lotion or sanitizing gel.

Slip a few small paper cups inside your travel bag for use in the hotel room. Occasionally cleaning staff do use the same rag to wipe the toilet seat, the shower drain, and the drinking glasses!

Wash your hands frequently.

Hotels change bedsheets regularly and launder them in very hot water. The bedsheets are generally germ and bug free. How remove bed spreads before using the bed

Wear slippers or socks inside the room, and remove them with you slip into bed. Hotel room carpeting is vacuumed between guests, but nearly anything may have seeped into the carpeting.

Choose a shower, instead of a bath. Better to stand where someone else has been than to sit there! Wear shower sandals, if you have them.

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