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Video of How to Carve The Perfect Halloween Jack O Lantern Pumpkin Head

To carve a Halloween Jack O Lantern first we need to pick the perfect pumpkin think about the designs you will be carving into them. This will allow you to create a shopping list or at least a mental idea of the shapes and sizes of pumpkins you’ll need. Ensure its as smooth as possible and free of scratches, dents or gouges.

Cut a circle around the stem of the pumpkin head on an angle in a cone shape as shown in the video below. Use a sharp knife with long, sturdy blade. this stops the stem from falling into the pumpkin, ensure the hole is large enough to place you hand in to remove the seeds and stringy membrane.

Scoop out the centre of the pumpkin to be your Jack O Lantern, use a ice cream scoop to make this easier

Find the face of your pumpkin to decide his best face of your Halloween Pumpkin Head. Draw the design or print on of the Jack O Lantern Pumpkin Head Stencils. Tape the design to the pumpkin and mark out the design by punching through the paper into the pumpkin with a sharp point for example a large nail.

Now with a sharp serated edged knife, cut out the design following the holes as a guide. Push out the pieces.The finished result, just add a light.

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