20 More Ways to Increase Your Financial Success

Here are 20 ways more to increase your financial success, these are mainly connected to creating the mind set required to achieve financial success

  1. Replace “failures” with “learning experiences.” Our words have the power to make or break us.
  2. Have fun. Like attracts like. If you are having fun in your career, your enthusiasm will rub off on your customers and associates. Nobody consistently performs highly at that which they hate doing.
  3. Decide to have a high income. After all, we never really do something until we decide to do it.
  4. Have the conviction that the world is out to do you good.
  5. Embrace change. Progress is only made through changing the way things were originally done.
  6. Become more assertive in your personal and business interests.
  7. Expand your financial self image. Our self image sets the boundaries for our successes in life.
  8. Have the conviction that you are 100% responsible for your financial well being.
  9. Reward yourself for each small step accomplished.
  10. If you are in a pattern of financial loss, get into a pattern of financial gain. We are creatures of our habits. We can get into the habit of back sliding or making financial progress just as we can with a myriad of other habits.
  11. Successful people see obstacles as opportunities.
  12. Accept yourself. Use self acceptance as a positive foundation from which to add financial success upon.
  13. Have the conviction that there is order in the universe. Successful people tend to believe that there is order and stability in their lives.
  14. Practice competence and confidence. Make these feelings intertwined with your core self image. Each though you think is practice toward some greater belief. Practice thinking and doing things that bring financial abundance.
  15. Develop a powerful memory.
  16. Be modest in demeanor.
  17. Never miss a vacation. We all need time to rest, relax, and recharge.
  18. Think of wealth creation as a process that extends past one’s lifetime. Pass down your wealth and wisdom to your children so they can continue to build upon your hard work.
  19. Be happy for those who are wealthy. The more you want for others the more will be given to you.
  20. We get what we give.

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Written by Alex

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