How to Save Money on your Electricity, Gas and Water Bills

Follow these easy steps and and save money on your electricity , gas and water bills combined they could save over £1000 and spend it on a holiday! Although these saving are in pounds the saving will still translate what ever the currency! Turn the lights off Annual saving – £200 Very Simple just turn […]

How to Make Your Own 2008 Free Desk Top Calendar

To make the free desktop calendar for 2008 just cut along the solid lines and score and fold along the dotted lines. Hints for making the 2008 Free Calendar Although normal paper will be fine 80 g/m², a more sturdy calendar can be made with a bit heavier paper 100-120 g/m². Glue the tabs matching […]

Laundry Tips Everything You Need To Know To Wash Clothes

Here are a list of laundry tips to help you wash your clothes better and to get the most of your washing machine. Both for the beginner and the expert these laundry tips will help without further ado here is the list. First laundry tip sort your dirty clothes, making separate piles for whites, bright […]

How To Remove Grease Stain From Clothes

To remove a grease stains from clothes is pretty straight forward you need to do the following Use a paper towel to dab the area of the grease stain on both sides removing as much grease as possible on the clothes, if freshly stained. Use some dish washing liquid and squirt it onto the stain […]

How to Iron a Do Not Iron Clothes

To iron a do not iron garment it is quite straight forward you will need the following: Hand Towel Iron Do not Iron Clothing How to do itBefore you start if you are trying iron silk, chiffon, or toile fabrics, these can only be steam see how to steam a dress quickly. Place clothing on […]

21 Easy Ways to Save Car Fuel Part 1

With the rising price of gas here are some tips to reduce you fuel costs, all what needed is for you to try them out so you can see for yourself. Here goes:- 1.Pump up your tyres and keep at the correct pressure. Under inflated tyres can use up to an extra 7% fuel. 2.Check […]

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