How to Save Money on your Electricity, Gas and Water Bills

ImageFollow these easy steps and and save money on your electricity , gas and water bills combined they could save over £1000 and spend it on a holiday! Although these saving are in pounds the saving will still translate what ever the currency!

Turn the lights off
Annual saving – £200
Very Simple just turn the lights off when you leave the room. And replace your bulbs with energy saving bulbs. Which can be brought for as little as a pound and last for upto 8 years. A Saving of £200.

Don’t overfill the kettle
Annual saving – £20
Only boil as much as you can drink. That’s all you would save £20

Fill Your Dishwasher
Annual saving – £75
Always fill the dishwasher as they are more energy efficient when full. If you want to use the the dishwasher with half a load, use the half-load or economy program. This also applies to washing machines, dryers. Reducing the number of loads means less detergent and fabric softener.

By changing the washing cycle from 60°c to 40°c you would use 30% less electricity. Using a quick wash or 30 will give you even more savings. Just by turning down the heat would save £40.

Insulate Your Home
Annual saving – £130 – £380
Reduce your heating costs by a third with loft and cavity wall insulation by keeping the heat in. Pipes and water heaters can be insulated to further reduce your bills. Grants are available in the UK

Unplug it
Annual saving – £20
If you are not using an appliance then unplug it instead of leaving it on standby. This includes PC’s, DVD Players, TV, etc. If you can consider harnessing the power of the sun to charge your ipod or phone. BTW switch your phone charger off when you have finished.

Use the Power of the Human
Annual saving – £10
Instead of using the latest labour saving gadget use your muscles and give them a work out. Chop it, peel it, whisk it, you know it makes sense!

Choose Energy Efficient Appliances
Annual saving – up to £100
Many older household appliances are not very energy efficient. Look for energy efficient models when replacing. For example a new energy efficient fridge freezer can save you £45 per year. Often you will find energy efficient models are slightly more expensive but it is worth the extra cost, which you could recoup in less than a year.

Shower Power
Annual saving – £50
Save yourself £50 per year by using a shower instead of a bath. Beware of power showers, though, which are less energy efficient than standard showers.

Switch supplier
Annual saving – £100 – £200
Switching to a green energy supply could save you money, as green tariffs can be lower.

Turn it Down
Annual saving – £30
Save 10% of your fuel bill by reducing the temperature in your property by as little as 1ºC could save you a significant amount.

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