Laundry Tips Everything You Need To Know To Wash Clothes

ImageHere are a list of laundry tips to help you wash your clothes better and to get the most of your washing machine. Both for the beginner and the expert these laundry tips will help without further ado here is the list.

  • First laundry tip sort your dirty clothes, making separate piles for whites, bright colors and darks. If you mix whites with colors in the wash, the colors may bleed onto and ruin your whites. Also separate clothes that tend to produce lint (towels, sweatshirts, chenille and flannel) from clothes that tend to attract lint (corduroy, velvets and permanent-press clothes).
  • Check the laundry ensuring zippers are closed to prevent snagging, and pockets are empty.
  • You should hand-wash lingerie in the sink with laundry soap designed for delicates
  • Don’t put too much laundry into the washer, it won’t clean them well. Allow room for clothes to agitate during the wash cycle.
  • Pretreat heavy stains with laundry detergent or stain remover, heeding instructions on the product label.
  • Use the measuring cap of the detergent bottle or the cup found in detergent boxes to measure out the right amount of laundry soap according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Tip the soap into your washer or its detergent dispenser. Add liquid fabric softener, if desired, according to the product instructions.
  • Choose the water temperature for the wash cycle: hot, warm or cold; to save on energy and opt for a cold rinse cycle for any load. Read the labels on your clothes, your washing machine instruction manual or the detergent container for advice on the correct washing temperature. Generally to wash your laundry without mishap use cold water to protect colors and darks from bleeding or fading, and to avoid shrinkage. Use warm or hot water for durable fabrics like cotton (make sure they’re preshrunk), and to ensure that your whites stay as they should be which is white.
  • Start the washer before adding clothes, if your washing machine allows for this, add the laundery detergent to dissolve in the water. The regular cycle for most laundry will be ok, use the gentle cycle for sheer or delicate fabrics. Adjust the water level to the size of your load.
  • Take clothes out of the washing machine straight away to stop the need to rewash and excessive creasing or color running



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