Best Auto Insurance Companies in the United States

As we all know auto insurance is something that we really all need, however the cheapest quote is not always the best auto insurance quote in the long term especially when you have to make a claim. Only when you have paid you insurance do these problems come to light.

Top insurance complaints are:

  • The insurance companies settlement process in really slow
  • Claims refused
  • Payment on claims are below what you expect
  • Having to use the insurances specified repairer which is usually the other side of the city
  • Sub standard repair quality
  • High premiums as they never seem to go down
  • Feeling like you are just a number and there is no compassion or personal attention
  • Billing issues or the policy is not what you thought you paid for.

Best Auto Insurance Companies in the United States List

These results looked at best auto insurance companies based on the following factors:

  • Types of auto insurance policies available
  • The prices of these insurance polices
  • Billing and Payment
  • The ease of communication with the auto insurance company

These were all totalled up to an overall experience of auto insurance so here it is

best auto insurance companyThe Best Auto Insurance Company in the United States

1st Amica Mutual Insurance Score 827

ratings for best insurance

best auto insurance companyThe 2nd Best Auto Insurance Company in the United States

State Farm Insurance Score 814


best auto insurance companyThe 3rd Best Auto Insurance Company in the United States

Erie Insurance Score 806


 4th Auto-Owners Insurance Score 803


 5th American National Property & Casualty (ANPAC) Insurance Score 799


 6th Automobile Club of Southern California (ACSC) Insurance Score 795


 7th Allstate Insurance Score 792


 8th American Family Insurance Score 792


 9th Automobile Club Group (ACG) Insurance Score 788


 10th COUNTRY Insurance Score 786


Source JD Powers

Best Auto Insurance Ratings

5 Cars Excellent

4 Cars Very Good

3 Cars OK

Please note USAA was not included in these rating and as its only available to the military which also came out as excellent.

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