Characteristics of a Genius and How to Think Like a Genius

Albert-Einstein-by-stoperEver wanted to be a genius? Recent research found that geniuses share a certain personality traits characteristics. Below are a list of those genius traits and how to to think like a genius It’s all about attitude to life and doesn’t depend on your age, your education or your accomplishment as you will see below.

Characteristics of a Genius No 1
Geniuses Are Dynamic: Don’t sit around waiting for things to happen. Take control and make it happen.

Characteristics of a Genius No 2
Geniuses Are Motivators: Learn how to motivate and persuade people to help them get ahead. You’ll find it easy to be persuasive if you believe in what you’re doing.

Characteristics of a Genius No 3
Geniuses Are Devoted To Goals: Know what you want and go after it. Take control of your life and schedule. Start off by having something to complete every day.

Characteristics of a Genius No 4
Geniuses Have Drive: Develop your drive by focusing on your future success, and keep going. Geniuses have a strong desire to work hard and long

Characteristics of a Genius No 5
Geniuses Are Honest: Be frank, forthright and honest. Take the responsibility for thins that go wrong. Be willing to admit, and learned from your mistakes.

Characteristics of a Genius No 6
Geniuses Are Courageous: Stop worrying about what people will think if you’re different. It takes courage to do things others consider impossible.

Characteristics of a Genius No 7
Geniuses Are Enthusiastic: Enthuse about what you are doing, it promotes positivity, and people will be more willing to work with you. Always believe that things will turn out well. Don’t hold back.

Characteristics of a Genius No 8
Geniuses Have A Thirst For Knowledge: Accumulate knowledge. Read lots & question people who know. Always try to learn at least one new thing

Characteristics of a Genius No 9
Geniuses are Optimistic: Focus your mind on something good coming up. And never doubt you will succeed

Characteristics of a Genius No 10
Geniuses Are Good Judges: Try to understand the facts of a situation before you judge. Evaluate things with a complete open mind, be non judgmental and be willing to change your point of view.

Characteristics of a Genius No 11
Geniuses Are Outgoing: Be outgoing and social, geniuses tend to make friends easily. Be positive and upbeat & not somebody who puts others down. That attitude will win you many valuable friends.

Characteristics of a Genius No 12
Geniuses Take Chances: Don’t be afraid to take chances once you realize you can learn from your mistakes.

Characteristics of a Genius No 13
Geniuses Are Opportunity Seekers: Be willing to take opportunities, even jobs others won’t touch. Never be afraid to try the unknown. If you don’t how are you going to learn?

Characteristics of a Genius No 14
Geniuses Are Good Communicators: Learn how to get their ideas across to others. And take every opportunity to explain your ideas to others.

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