Block Facebook How To

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Do you need to block facebook? Yes then here is a computer tip which is a quick and easy way to block facebook in 3 steps

Block Face Book How To Step 1

Click Start, Then Run

You should get a box that looks like this below, now type the following into the box to open the hosts file, where we need to make the adjustments

notepad c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

Block face book note pade

Block Facebook How To Step 2

If everything goes well you should get notepad with the following information below

block facebook howto notepad

Now in order to block facebook we need to add the following lines at the end of the text.

OK when you have finished adding the above lines the file should look like this

Block facebook notepad addittions

Block Facebook How To Step 3

Now just click in Notepad File, then Save and Exit

Check if you can reach facebook in your internet browser. It should fail, Facebook will now be blocked.

Does this work with other sites?
Yes its does just use the same format as shown above but just change the site name

I use firefox as a browser does its still block facebook
Yes it does

Is this method fail proof for blocking facebook
Well this method is a quick and free way of blocking facebook but it is not fail proof its effectiveness depends on how technically the person is you are trying to block facebook from as all they would need to do is go to the same file and delete the changes to undo the block.

OK my Son is pretty technical and he figured out how to get around this what show I do?
If you use a router to connect to the internet, there are usually features in there to block websites, but you will need to read the manufacturers instruction in how to do it. And BTW make sure you change the password to log into the router to something you know and wont forget. 😉

Check your antivirus program as it may have this feature built in

We need to block facebook on a number of computers will this work?
Yes you will have to make the change on each one, or you can use the router method above.

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5 Responses to “Block Facebook How To”

  1. It is such a great tip. It worked for me I managed to block facebook on pcs in the school computer laboratory.
    How can I block more than one site at once?Please help

  2. thanks man this works great

  3. i tried it , it worked

  4. Does not let me rename the file. I can’t save it! Please help!

  5. You will need to run the editor as administrator. To do this right click on the link to notepad and select runas administrator

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