6 Quick Ways to Remove Static Cling from Clothing

Here are 6 really easy ways to remove static cling from clothing

  1. If you’re wearing the clothes, wet your hands slightly and brush them over the surface of your clothing.
  2. When doing laundry, separate synthetic fabrics, especially nylon, from the natural fabrics when putting clothes into the dryer
  3. Do not over dry clothes in the dryer. Remove when barely dry
  4. If clothes have static when removing them from the dryer dampen your hands slightly before folding the laundry
  5. Use a fabric softener sheet in the dryer
  6. For highly clingy items such as nylons slips rub a fabric softener sheet on the fabrics surface

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  1. I really don’t like the fabric softner sheets (the smell the feel, nearly everything give me a rash so i don’t risk it to begin with…).

    It’s water for me and it always works – I THINK I figured out why.

    You probably know that the chemical formula for water is H2O (the 2 should be subscript).

    Well, that means that there are two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule.

    If I remember correctly, these particular molecules have a very slight charge – one is negative and the other is positive (i’d have to look that up to know which one is which!).

    The static clingy clothes are that way because of an excess of ‘charge’ and since the water has a little of both, I’m thinking that it helps because of that.

    OK, I know I could be wrong – something else may be going on here. H2O is a different thing than either of the two gases, they probably cancel each other out but that is what I think until someone comes along and tells me otherwise.

    I tend to enjoy puzzling these things out so that is how that came to be.

    If you know otherwise, set me straight!

    Pam Hoffman

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