How to use a Credit Card Wisely

Most people believe they should have a credit card in order to prove they are an adult and able to build a credit score. The truth is that most people take this idea too far and begin charging purchases they cannot afford. Typically this is called “living beyond one’s means.” While there is no credit […]

10 Ways to Save Money Fast

We all can find places to save a dollar here, a dollar there. Adding up all those dollars can really impact your budget in a positive way. Let’s talk about 10 simple ways to save money. Save money take lunch to work.  Those $7-10 dollar a day lunches add up quick! Assuming you eat out […]

8 Golden Rules of Financial Prosperity

Below are the 8 Golden Rules of Financial Prosperity: 1. Always have several streams of income: never rely on one income from one source only. 2. As soon as you start to earn, start to put aside a certain amount to create an automatic money source: I remember I have always had my own portfolio […]

How to Stop Impulse Buying

You go out for a window shopping or just want to buy some daily items, you come across an item that attract your intention to buy, the product look too good to you at that moment and without considering it, you take the item to pay at cashier. But, you find out later that the […]

PPO HMO Insurance Differences Explained

This article discusses the differences between PPO HMO insurance differences in simple terms first lets start with what PPO and HMO mean. What is HMO HMO stands for Health Maintenance Organizations health insurance plans What is PPO PPO stands for Preferred Provider Organization health insurance plans PPO HMO Insurance Differences PPO is a reimbursement and […]

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