Pregnancy Bras

Pregnancy Bras commonly known as Maternity bras are designed for the period of pregnancy whilst Nursing bras are designed for the period after pregnancy, particularly for breast feeding. You’ll probably need to buy several different size pregnancy bras and nursing bras sizes during and after pregnancy as numerous body changes take place. Top 5 Highest […]

Steam a Dress How to

Steaming a dress is very easy  in this tip  we show you how to  do it this is particularly useful  for those delicate dress which can’t really be ironed such as a wedding dress Steam  a dress what’s required Bath Hanger Steam a dress how to do it Run a bath tub of hot water […]

How to Remove Sweat Stains from Clothes Easily

Here is how to remove sweat stains out that just wont go. What’s required to remove sweat stains Enzyme based pre soak Sponge Ammonia White Vinegar Salt How to do it 1. Pre-treat new sweat stains with a enzyme pre-soak product before laundering as usual. Make sure fabric is not linen, silk, or wool. These […]

How to Use Your Dryer Effectively

Remove delicates (such as bras and certain sweaters) to air dry on a clothing rack or hanger. Dry clothes of similar weights to avoid over drying. Check tags of clothing to make sure they can be dried in a dryer. Add an anti-static sheet, in the dryer to stop static cling. Remove lint from the […]

Laundry Tips Everything You Need To Know To Wash Clothes

Here are a list of laundry tips to help you wash your clothes better and to get the most of your washing machine. Both for the beginner and the expert these laundry tips will help without further ado here is the list. First laundry tip sort your dirty clothes, making separate piles for whites, bright […]

How To Remove Grease Stain From Clothes

To remove a grease stains from clothes is pretty straight forward you need to do the following Use a paper towel to dab the area of the grease stain on both sides removing as much grease as possible on the clothes, if freshly stained. Use some dish washing liquid and squirt it onto the stain […]

How to Iron a Do Not Iron Clothes

To iron a do not iron garment it is quite straight forward you will need the following: Hand Towel Iron Do not Iron Clothing How to do itBefore you start if you are trying iron silk, chiffon, or toile fabrics, these can only be steam see how to steam a dress quickly. Place clothing on […]

How to Get the Best Out of Dry Cleaning Your Clothes

Here are 7 ways to get the best out of dry cleaning your clothes Do not wash, wash dry or iron stains. Keep care tags or labels on garments. Don’t pre treat stains. Bring the item in immediately. Explain the source of the stain and how long its been there. Empty pockets of items. After […]

How To Remove Deodorant Stains

What’s required: 1. Sponge 2. Enzyme based Laundry Detergent 3. White Vinegar How to remove it These are quite easy to remove these white streaks from clothes. The key to this is to act as soon as possible if you can Sponge the area with white vinegar to loosen the deodorant Then soak overnight with […]

How to Wash a Base Ball Hat

What’s required: Two round plastic food strainers similar to the size to your base ball hat Plastic String or Cable ties Pre-treatment Spray (optional) Stain Removing Spray (optional) Laundry Detergent How to wash it Place a strainer open side down. Now put the hat onto the strainer as if it was wearing it. If the […]

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